Goral Vodka

Goral Vodka symbolizes strength and endurance of Gorals, who have always lived in the hills and valleys of the carpathian mountains, in the heart of Europe – the High Tatras. Sparkling purity, strength and softness characterizes Goral Vodka, awarded by many experts and medals. It is made from selected varieties of wheat grown a traditional and natural way, from the tatra water springs, 7 time distillation and traditional ltration

Goral Vodka Master

The perfect production process starts with the selection of the best wheat which is turned into a highest quality ethanol with the special 7 times distillation process. This super fine product is refined by carbo-filtration process which guarantees the smoothness and gentleness in terms of human senses. In this phase ethanol proceeds to tight analytical and sensorial tests that give this product the privilege to create the final unique product – Goral Vodka MASTER.

Novofruct SK

Novofruct Sk produces food products made of fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Though majority of its consumers are infants, adults and elderly alike enjoy it due to its pure taste, refreshing lightness and high quality. Due to its organic basis made of natural ingredients, the company’s products are easy to digest in any age.  Its production processes were co-prepared under pediatric and nutritionists´ supervision. 

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

TAITRA is a non-profit government co-sponsored[1] trade promotion organization assisting Taiwan businesses and manufacturers to reinforce their international competitiveness and to cope with the challenges they face in foreign markets.


I.D.C. Holding Corp. is the largest Slovak producer of confectionary and pastry products with an annual production and sale exceeding 30 ths tons of products. The Company boasts 100 years of tradition in its Figaro Trnava plant and more than 50 years of tradition of pastries manufacturing in its Pecivárne Sered plant. Both use traditional recipes and the most modern facilities with a regard to all quality requirements within their manufacturing process.


The GAS company has become a modern and rapidly growing corporation that deals with the producing of the highest quality alcoholic beverages. Its distillery branch has used for centuries the unbelievable wealth of nature, especially pellucid water from mountain springs, as well as grain, medicinal herbs and fruits from Tatra´s meadows, gardens and forests.

J&J OSTROZOVIC – The Tokaj Region

Ostrozovic Winery is a family business with a strong and long lasting experience in wine making. Its vineyards are located in the southeastern part of Slovakia, in a splendid and unique area, famous for special grape sort - Tokaj. Or, as all the connaisseurs would testify: Tokaj is the king of wines and the wine of the kings.


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