I.D.C. Holding Corp. is the largest Slovak producer of confectionary and pastry products with an annual production and sale exceeding 30 ths tons of products. The Company boasts 100 years of tradition in its Figaro Trnava plant and more than 50 years of tradition of pastries manufacturing in its Pecivárne Sered plant. Both use traditional recipes and the most modern facilities with a regard to all quality requirements within their manufacturing process. I.D.C. Holding is a holder of the International food Standard and BRC Global Standard – food.

Among the best-known products are Horalky, Tatranky, Mila, Mäta, Lina, Kávenky, Kakaové rezy. The most favorite confectionary products of the branch company o. z. Figaro Trnava are definitely the menthol caramels Snehulky, whole range of functional candies under the brand of Verbena, lollipops, jelly bonbons and bananas with chocolate coating.