The distilled vinegar is produced in two stages carefully controlled by our expert team. During the frst stage the natural sugar changes into alcohol and during the next fermentation stage this alcohol is changed into the natural fermented vinegar. The typical spicy taste predestinates the vinegar to low-fat salad oil dressing and as admixture to light diet and diet with low sodium content. The vinegar component is responsible for typical vinegar taste and aroma and serves as preserving solution preventing the reproduction of harmful organisms


Of genuine wine vinegar manufactured by vinegar type fermentation from red wine. Specifc wine taste can be widely used in cooking and has benefcial external efect on the human organism. The wine vinegar is applied for preparation and seasoning of cold dishes, dressings and for preparation of various dishes and hot meals.

Product line Aromatized Wine

Venuta Collection is perfect for those who like to discover unknown and mysterious. Venuta aperitif wines are made of the highest quality wines and prepared with special sensitivity and attention to quality. Secret compostion of added herbs causes that the taste of wine Venuta overtakes your expectations. Prepare for an explosion of feelings coming with every new guip

Product line Vermouth

White wines of the highest quality, combined with carefully chosen herbs create attractive types of vermouth, Marcus. Vermouths in this collection are considered to be balanced and harmonious, with great structure and a long ending taste. Even a smallsip boosts all senses, heals soul, heart and cheers the mood.

Product line GAS Konzum

We take the privilege of offering to the wide public a collection of top-quality and by tradition verified consumer alcoholic beverages that are consumed on a large scale in this country. In the production process, only top-quality basic raw material is employed, such as very fine spirits produced by multiple distillation with special purification procedure. The second important component is well-spring water from High Tatras, by which spirits is adjusted to the required concentration and after adequate time for cellaring is multiple times filtrated

Product line Brands

These BRAND spirits represent an inevitable part of the assortment of the GAS Familia, s. r. o. company and always gain popularity. This collection has been designed by a team of experts to enable customers to try diferent tastes that are typical for particular geographical areas that have become well-known worldwide.

Product line Original Spisska

Spis is located under steep peaks of slovac mountains, in the heart of Europe. The magnificent peaks of the High Tatras with their clear springs, but also with the greenery connects long history of Slovakia. Celtic secrets, wisdom of the old Slavs and documents proving the presence of kingdoms, are just few ingredients of the Spis history. Continues settlements ever since the period of the Ice Age, Stone Age through the Celts and the old Slavs, the region became an important member of the local Empire.

Product line Spis Zahrada

High-quality product line inspired by variety of tastes and aromas offered by gardens of the Spis region. Masterpieces of various admixtures offer delightful consumption and refreshment. Various drinks were created as based on new quality concerning nutritional values and natural fruit taste. The production itself bases on intact fruits full of vitamins and minerals. These fruits mature in intact and pure Spis nature where the fruits grow to be processed following traditional recipes. Our experts did their best in nding old, almost forgotten processes.

Produkt line Spis Original

The product line Spiš Original is the new quality found for preservation of the original taste of our fruits connected with the pleasure during  the consumption. The research for the superior quality has the aim to and an exclusive drink based on garden and forest fruits being typical for the peculiar Spiš region and  popular in the moderate geographic zone. Perceptive access with the use of best natural raw materials processed with traditional methods were developed and put in the  market several products that our clients have appreciated very soon.

Product line Goral

Goralska palenka (The Goral spirit) represents wealth of the untouched nature and masterful skill of Goral people preserved in traditional distilling recipes. Goral people have been living in peaks and valleys of Carpathian Mountains in the heart of Europe – High Tatras from immemorial time.


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