Meat and vegetable baby food

Meat and vegetable baby foods are a very appropriate nutritional supplement for small children over six months of age which can be especially used as the child’s main meal, making any extra cooking unnecessary. The baby food can be warmed up to the proper temperature by just leaving it in the jar, surrounded by hot water. This is a very practical, high energy product, rich in protein and certainly welcomed by all mothers in today’s hectic times.

Fruit and fruit-vegetable baby foods

For your child’s healthy development it is very important that the diet he or she gets be varied and rich in vitamins and trace elements while being of high quality and meeting strict hygienic standards. The baby foods produced under the OVKO brand comply in full with these requirements, having been developed in close cooperation with pediatricians and experts in infant nutrition.

Baby food with yogurt, curd and sugar-free

The ingredients used to prepare OVKO baby food are selected with extreme care, having been inspected both as the plants grew and later during the entire production process. All ingredients are grown domestically, guaranteeing a lower risk of allergies to any ingredients contained in the food. Children receive a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the amount they need for healthy growth and development.