J&J OSTROZOVIC – The Tokaj Region

Ostrozovic Winery is a family business with a strong and long lasting experience in wine making. Its vineyards are located in the southeastern part of Slovakia, in a splendid and unique area, famous for special grape sort - Tokaj. Or, as all the connaisseurs would testify: Tokaj is the king of wines and the wine of the kings.
the history of J&J Ostrozovic dates back to 1995, and the success of its wines is far older. It was already in the 17th century when the French Louis XIV was served Tokaj wine. Ever since, this wine has been reaching significant success in the local and international field. Among the latest successes is the gold medal from the 6th international wine competition VINHOS DO BRASIL with 503 competitors, where the 5-Putna Tokaj of Ostrozovic was awarded a gold medal with 94points of the maximum 100. Specific taste of Tokaj grape wines come from the unique rot called Botrytis Cinera, the base of Tokaj wine and the heat coming from the stony hillsides of an old volcano soil, and all wrapped in the long, dry and sunny autumn. Tokaj grapewines grow in oak barrels of minimum 4 years. The best grape wines coming from tuft cellars grow up to 15 years in oak barrels.  Care which the grapes, vineyards and finally the wine is receiving is spectacular - as if every individual grape is set to be served to the Queen Elisabeth II.
Next to Tokaj wine, Ostrozovic Company grows also different types of tokaj grapes for wines such as Furmint, which production methods and philosophy was brought by Italians during 13th century. Other types of wine include Lipovina and Muskat zlty.