Produkt line Spis Original

The product line Spiš Original is the new quality found for preservation of the original taste of our fruits connected with the pleasure during  the consumption. The research for the superior quality has the aim to and an exclusive drink based on garden and forest fruits being typical for the peculiar Spiš region and  popular in the moderate geographic zone.

Product line Goral

Goralska palenka (The Goral spirit) represents wealth of the untouched nature and masterful skill of Goral people preserved in traditional distilling recipes. Goral people have been living in peaks and valleys of Carpathian Mountains in the heart of Europe – High Tatras from immemorial time.

Goral Vodka Master

The perfect production process starts with the selection of the best wheat which is turned into a highest quality ethanol with the special 7 times distillation process. This super fine product is refined by carbo-filtration process which guarantees the smoothness and gentleness in terms of human senses. In this phase ethanol proceeds to tight analytical and sensorial tests that give this product the privilege to create the final unique product – Goral Vodka MASTER.