Product line Aromatized Wine

Venuta Collection is perfect for those who like to discover unknown and mysterious. Venuta aperitif wines are made of the highest quality wines and prepared with special sensitivity and attention to quality. Secret compostion of added herbs causes that the taste of wine Venuta overtakes your expectations. Prepare for an explosion of feelings coming with every new guip

Product line Vermouth

White wines of the highest quality, combined with carefully chosen herbs create attractive types of vermouth, Marcus. Vermouths in this collection are considered to be balanced and harmonious, with great structure and a long ending taste. Even a smallsip boosts all senses, heals soul, heart and cheers the mood.

Product line GAS Konzum

We take the privilege of offering to the wide public a collection of top-quality and by tradition verified consumer alcoholic beverages that are consumed on a large scale in this country. In the production process, only top-quality basic raw material is employed, such as very fine spirits produced by multiple distillation with special purification procedure.