Yellow Muscat, selection of grapes 0,75 L

White, medium dry. The smell of lime tree will enchant your senses. You will stop caught with mouth full of freshly picked grapes in the middle of vineyard... Enjoy! Suitable with fish and white meat.

Tokaj 6 putna Selection 0,375 L

Wine should be served at precious and very special moments and should be ageing at least 10 to 15 years. Noone can resist the XX years old Tokaj 6 putna selected wine. In its bouquet you will encounter the finest mixture of black coffee, dark chocolate, and later on you will be surprised by wonderful rose aroma. Your experience will be fulfilled by beautiful honey ending. This wine contains minimum 150g/l of residual sugar.

Tokaj 5 putna Selection 0,375 L

The true royalty among Tokaj wines. Full honey, almost caramel taste, after drinking you savor full taste of dried fruits, especially raisins. Excellent with goose liver, strudel and salty cheeses. Extraordinary wine that should be enjoyed at extraordinary occasions. Contains minimum 120g/l of residual sugar.