Tokaj 4 putna Selection 0,375 L

For this wine is characteristic the same as for Tokaj 3 puttonyos selected wine, but the variety of taste is much wider and richer. By drinking this wine you can find aroma of dry pineapple and raisins. Wine that smoothens soul of the most demanding customers. Taste it with blue cheeses, goat cheese or foie gras (goose liver). It contains at least 90 g/l of residual sugar.


The distilled vinegar is produced in two stages carefully controlled by our expert team. During the frst stage the natural sugar changes into alcohol and during the next fermentation stage this alcohol is changed into the natural fermented vinegar. The typical spicy taste predestinates the vinegar to low-fat salad oil dressing and as admixture to light diet and diet with low sodium content.


Of genuine wine vinegar manufactured by vinegar type fermentation from red wine. Specifc wine taste can be widely used in cooking and has benefcial external efect on the human organism. The wine vinegar is applied for preparation and seasoning of cold dishes, dressings and for preparation of various dishes and hot meals.